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INTRODUCTION: This is the official online blog of CONTRACT WITH AMERICA: PART II (TM), which is an online community dedicated to holding lawmakers & other politicians accountable, and politely, but firmly, demanding they be responsible stewards of America’s infrastructure, economic, and human resources.

Our advocacy focuses on several areas:

I. Protecting our fragile power and telecommunications grid (Internet, Power, 911, GPS, cell phone network, GPS, etc.)

II. How to fund I., above? Cutting harmful excess pork spending.

III. One key strategy to accomplish II., above? Return constitutional bankruptcy uniformity to all loans (Art.I Sec.8 Cl.4, US CONSTITUTION), particularly to student loans, which would help STOP irresponsible lending of student loan originations in the $$Trillions$$ using OUR precious tax dollars.

IV. Other matters of import, including but not limited to affordable college, affordable Healthcare, medical marijuana, etc. (We take NO position on fringe issues which, while possibly justified, offer no long-term solution, such as NO position on “student loan forgiveness,” nor any position on “legal pot,” for example).



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Community may leave comments below. We may differ in views/opinions, but we ask that ALL be respected of others. And, if you choose to argue/ advocate a point, please back up your argument with facts and documented sources.



By Gordon Wayne Watts

You may Google me, Gordon Wayne Watts in Florida, for more.


  1. Gordon, what is the latest word on our ability to provide sufficient comments webpages in order to allow our online community to coordinate and share data to lobby lawmakers & other leaders to get things fixed? -Bob (left on your backup GW mirror)

  2. Robert, to answer your question first, yes, we currently allow automatic approval, but will only keep this if commenters behave. Otherwise, we’ll turn moderation filtering back on.

    To answer you, Bobby: Besides the embedded community comments section on our flagship project page,, we have three (3) other public and interactive comments pages. Our flagship “comments” page is located at and is open for business. In case the “grid” goes down on some portion of the web and/or our website experiences down time, here are the two other backups: (please note: http, not https, but is safe, so long as you don’t enter sensitive data, like Credit Card there), and also: I hope that helps. (Besides these four comments sections, this one & the other three above, our online community extends to all social media listed at the top of this page). Gordon Wayne Watts, Webmaster

  3. Wow!! I’m so impressed by your research! I’m book marking this for later analysis and discussion when I get the time!! This is amazing work!

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