This post is dedicated to comments & community discussion related to getting justice for student loan borrowers, particularly by restoration of constitutionality protected bankruptcy Uniformity (Art.I Sec.8 Cl.4, US CONSTITUTION), and other standard consumer protections. We take NO position on “student loan forgiveness,” because, while excellent arguments exist in favour, this offers no long-term solution. Our current project advocates the following legislation in the current 117th Congress and similar bills: S.2598 (Durbin, Cornyn, Hawley), H.R.9110 (Nadler, et al), H.R.4907 (Steve Cohen’s bill), and, to a lesser extent, S.4772 (Rick Scott) and H.R.4563 (Glenn Grothman’s bill).

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By Gordon Wayne Watts

You may Google me, Gordon Wayne Watts in Florida, for more.


  1. A good amount of student loans were bad from inception. Fly by night institutions not at all interested in academics, but only how they can take adavntage of the unsuspecting young men, women, and who were unknowingly victims just trying to better their lot in life. The Department of Education failed them in not thouroughly vetting these so called “academic institutions”. Worse yet thesepeople who are usually at lower income levels to begin with are now saddled with “student debt” that they can’t afford to pay back and if they did obtain a degree, it’s probably not worth the paper it’s printed on in the job market. The American Dream CRUSHED.

  2. These loans are predatory by nature and only the complete restoration of bankruptcy protections will solve this 2T crisis!

  3. ■TIME-SENSITIVE UPDATE (Wed. 21 Dec. 2022)

    Gordon’s 10-point game-plan to get our student loan bankruptcy bills passed & avert disater:

    I. CALL Whitehouse comments line. (Tuesdays – Thursdays, 11:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M., EST)

    II. E-mail key lawmakers’ legislative staff via “regular” email, during business hours, with publicly-available staff email addresses.

    III. E-mail key lawmakers themselves via their online website “contact me” portal.

    IV. E-mail the Whitehouse via the contact page, asking President Biden to use the bully pulpit to shove thru student loan BK legislation, kind of like President Obama did with “ObamaCare” ACA (Affordable Healthcare) legislation.

    V. CALL key lawmakers (and your own lawmakers) at EVERY SINGLE phone number (not just the DC Office number, which, in one case, had NO working voicemail, and NO ONE answering phones), but also ALL satellite/ district offices, asking the same (to follow up on emails above in III and IV).

    VI. Get “ten (10) righteous people” to copy me, and do the same. (This seems small, but if only TEN people each call TEN lawmaker phone numbers — real EASY, since most lawmakers have MANY offices! — then this is a HUNDRED calls already.) CAVEAT: Getting ANY ten (10) people to do ANYTHING is harder than it seems: Google “herding cats,” LOL.

    VII. Do Alan Collinge’s “Daily Actions” at


    ((i))) TWITTER, and:
    ((ii)) Phone Calls, as Alan asks. ALSO, as able, add these:
    ((iii)) FACEBOOK “comments” to official House/Senate pages, AND:
    ((iv)) FACEBOOK “comments” to their “campaign” pages, AND:
    ((v)) “Facebook messages” to official House/Senate pages, AND:
    ((vi)) “Facebook messages” to their “campaign” pages, AND:
    ((vii)) Comments official House/Senate INSTAGRAM pages, AND:
    ((viii)) Comments INSTAGRAM “campaign” pages, AND:
    ((ix)) Messages (as able) to their official House/Senate INSTAGRAM pages, AND:
    ((x)) Messages (as able) to their “campaign” pages!

    VIII. Report back here with a progress report, so we can encourage one another!

    IX. See above…and REPEAT, fight to the end!… or until you burn out. Repeat until you can’t anymore.

    X. After session ends, rest and heal up, and report back. (It’ll be too late, by then, to do anything, but we can/should compare notes.)

    How we may coordinate/ communicate:

    I may be contacted in my state’s chapter, STUDENT LOAN JUSTICE, FLORIDA:


    I may also be contacted on my https://Facebook.com/GordonWayneWatts
    Or my https://Twitter.com/Gordon_W_Watts
    Or by email (see the cc line or below). Or even, if need be, be phone (see below).

    Alternatively, I have four (4) personal comment blogs… I am hesitant to share them, as it sounds like self-promotion, but if (may God forbid), other channels of communication, on the GRID, go down, here they are:

    1) https://ContractWithAmerica2.com/#comments

    2) https://Comments.ContractWithAmerica2.com

    3) http://Comments.GordonWatts.com

    4) https://Comments.GordonWayneWatts.com

    NOTE: The US Trademark/Patent EO (Examining Attorney) had THIS to say in his Agency Action email to me, dated November 12, 2021:

    “The applicant applied for “Creating an on-line community for American voters for the purpose of seeking legislation to fix egregious problems; Hosting websites on the Internet.” There are no indications on the specimen that consumers can log in, post comments, view comments, interact with the website, etc. While the website may currently be on the internet and accessible, the submitted specimens do not evidence use by consumers.”

    LINK: https://tsdr.uspto.gov/#caseNumber=90607682&caseSearchType=US_APPLICATION&caseType=DEFAULT&searchType=documentSearch

    So, I created blogs for my website… where people can “post comments, view comments, interact with the website, etc.,” Lol.

    Ok, these are our tools, and time is running out. Let’s do this. And report back with a progress report.


    Sent from my mobile Gmail app///

    Gordon Wayne Watts
    E: Gww1210@gmail.com
    E: Gww1210@aol.com
    E: Gordon@ContractWithAmerica2.com
    Cell: (863) 687-6141 ; Cell: (863) 688-9880

    __ ///

  4. ■_Gordon’s progress report:
    1.) Whitehouse 📱 📲 ☎️ telephone comments line, 202-456-1111, was closed for the holidays. I TRIED.
    2.) I emailed LOADS of lawmakers, and some of you were in the Bcc line and saw it.
    3.) I didn’t do much beyond that except some Twitter activities… hope to get up early tomorrow and start making “follow-up” phone calls to key lawmakers and report back here. GORDON///

  5. Some have asked for numbers… it may be too late, but Tue. 27 Dec. 2022, both HOUSE and SENATE are scheduled for a meeting. Maybe more, but this much is certain. Here are numbers: Key phone numbers:

    Speaker of the HOUSE, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-CA-12: https://Pelosi.House.gov/
    * (202) 225-4965 (Washington, DC Office), Outgoing call, 2 min 35 sec, left message 4:38pm EST, Thr., 12/22/22
    * (415) 556-4862 (San Francisco District Office), Outgoing call, 3 min 55 sec, left message 5:13pm EST (2:13pm PST, local time in SanFran, CA), Thr., 12/22/22

    HOUSE Judiciary Chair, Rep. Jerry Nadler, D-NY-10: https://Nadler.House.gov/
    * 202-225-5635 (Washington, DC Office), Outgoing call, 2 min 20 sec, left message 4:59pm EST, Thr., 12/22/22
    * 212-367-7350 (Manhattan Office), Outgoing call, 0 min 9 sec, falsely claimed my number was blocked; call did not go through, 4:59pm EST, Thr., 12/22/22

    HOUSE Judiciary Co-Chair, Rep. Madeline Dean, D-PA-04: https://Dean.House.gov/
    * (202) 225-4731 (WASHINGTON, D.C. OFFICE), Outgoing call, 2 min 29 sec, left message 4:52pm EST, Thr., 12/22/22
    * 215-884-4300 (GLENSIDE DISTRICT OFFICE), Outgoing call, 0 min 42 sec, left message 4:57pm EST, Thr., 12/22/22
    * 610-382-1250 (NORRISTOWN DISTRICT OFFICE), Outgoing call, 1 min 56 sec, left message 4:55pm EST, Thr., 12/22/22

    HOUSE Judiciary Ranking Member, Rep. Jim Jordan, R-OH-04: https://Jordan.House.gov/
    * (202) 225-2676 (Washington DC Office)
    * (419) 999-6455 (Lima District Office)
    * (419) 663-1426 (Norwalk District Office)

    SENATE Majority Leader, Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-NY:
    * (202) 224-6542 (Washington, D.C.), Outgoing call, 0 min 21 sec, HAD NO WORKING VOICE MAIL!, 4:42pm EST, Thr., 12/22/22 ; confirmed that via Outgoing call, 0 min 22 sec, 8:44am EST, Fri., 12/23/22
    * (518) 431-4070 (Albany), Outgoing call, 2 min 13 sec, left message 4:10pm EST, Thr., 12/22/22
    * (607) 772-6792 (Binghamton), Outgoing call, 2 min 32 sec, left message 5:03pm EST, Thr., 12/22/22
    * (716) 846-4111 (Buffalo), Outgoing call, 2 min 17 sec, left message 5:08pm EST, Thr., 12/22/22
    * (631) 753-0978 (Melville), Outgoing call, 1 min 57 sec, left message 4:47pm EST, Thr., 12/22/22
    * (212) 486-4430 (New York City), Outgoing call, 2 min 11 sec, left message 4:45pm EST, Thr., 12/22/22
    * (914) 734-1532 (Peekskill), Outgoing call, 2 min 49 sec, left message 5:10pm EST, Thr., 12/22/22
    * (585) 263-5866 (Rochester), Outgoing call, 1 min 43 sec, left message 4:49pm EST, Thr., 12/22/22
    * (315) 423-5471 (Syracuse), Outgoing call, 2 min 05 sec, left message 5:05pm EST, Thr., 12/22/22

    SENATE Judiciary Chair, Sen. Dick Durbin, D-IL: https://www.Durbin.Senate.gov/
    * p: 202.224.2152, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (Washington, D.C.), Outgoing call, 0 min 20 sec, HAD NO WORKING VOICE MAIL!, 5:18pm EST (4:18pm CST, local time in Chicago, IL), Thr., 12/22/22
    * p: 312.353.4952, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (Chicago), Outgoing call, 2 min 45 sec, left message 5:19pm EST (4:19pm CST, local time in Chicago, IL), Thr., 12/22/22
    * p: 217.492.4062, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (Springfield), Outgoing call, 2 min 10 sec, left message 5:22pm EST (4:22pm CST, local time in Chicago, IL), Thr., 12/22/22
    * p: 618.351.1122, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (Carbondale), Outgoing call, 2 min 09 sec, left message 5:24pm EST (4:24pm CST, local time in Chicago, IL), Thr., 12/22/22
    * p: 309.786.5173, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (Rock Island), Outgoing call, 2 min 10 sec, left message 4:10pm EST (3:10pm CST, local time in Chicago, IL), Thr., 12/22/22 ; , Outgoing call, 2 min 24 sec, left message AGAIN!, for some reason!?.. @5:27pm EST (4:27pm CST, local time in Chicago, IL), Thr., 12/22/22

    SENATE Judiciary Ranking Member, Sen. Chuck Grassley: https://www.Grassley.Senate.gov/
    * PHONE: (202) 224-3744 (Washington D.C.)
    * PHONE: (319) 363-6832 (Cedar Rapids)
    * PHONE: (712) 322-7103 (Council Bluffs)
    * PHONE: (563) 322-4331 (Davenport)
    * PHONE: (515) 288-1145 (Des Moines)
    * PHONE: (712) 233-1860 (Sioux City)
    * PHONE: (319) 232-6657 (Waterloo) (did not call Sen Grassley this time), but did call a few additional House Judiciary members at the suggestion of a personal friend who is a high ranking local Democrat.

  6. See also:

    House Judiciary MAJORITY
    House Judiciary MINORITY


    See also


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